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Ripped Jean Nation Movement envisions a safe and just society where urban youth and communities are respectful, cooperative, self-sufficient, charged and free to develop their potential and celebrate their differences.


The mission of the Ripped Jeans Nation Movement is to inspire, assist, organize and develop young people of all ages, in and out of school, to be skilled community focused leaders, resiliently and creatively empowering themselves and their communities to affect positive change now and in the 21st Century.

While the main thrust of the Ripped Jeans Nation Movement’s mission is developing leadership for the future; an important part of the mission is to impact current problems such as teen pregnancy, drug abuse, crime, low self-esteem, school delinquency, youth unemployment and miseducation. Ripped jeans nation plans to address these challenges by redirecting some of the negative behavior of young people in our communities into positive and uplifting pursuits.

To inspire and motivate the next generation to unlock their full potential
​through education, mentoring, and empowerment.

RJN OUTREACH. The outreach is where we visit orphanage, schools and communities get to know their local problems and seek to raise funds for them and donate it toward solving the problem at hand and also organizing workshops to educate and empowered street kids.

RIPPED URBAN TALENT AWARD(R.U.T.A)  this will be a national organize award to appreciate and encourage young people in various creative field in music, movies, arts , fashion and other endeavors.

RIPPED FASHION SHOW.Is a show that will be discovering young aspiring trendy creative youths and give them the platform to showcase their creative works in urban fashion design

Ripped International Urban Music Festival(RIUMFEST).

The RIUMFEST will be organize as  a platform to attracts and promote grass root and mainstream artist in Cameroon and the rest of Africa and the world .it will also be a festival that lots of  young business can grow throw showcasing their product in the festival arena . the festival will also act as a bridge to connect various acts from the Cameroonian Diaspora  and link them with the home base act .the festival will be  marketed , package and be promoted via digital online media to attract a global audience that will be attending the festival annually and that will generate revenue in the town or city where the festival is been hosted.

Ripped Urban Films .This is a grooming platform for young aspiring talents who wants to become actors and actress .it will self as a medium to train film makers in various film production field .it will also be producing shot films, feature films documentaries.

Ripped 360 TV Show. The tv show is run by youths in the movement ,to use it as a platform to address issues that are detrimental for the growth of the youths around urban metropolis, it will act the voice of the movement on tv

Ripped Modeling Unit. It will  serve as a platform to build youths who wants to go into the modeling industry, the  movement will groom package and market them to bigger agencies

Ripped  Film Trade fare. this trade fare will be as an all Cameroonian movie trade fare that will bring together all film making production houses in the entire nation  as platform to showcase and invite the general public to patronize and promote  the made in Cameroon brand .it will give film making house to showcase their products and network with others which will create the appreciation of the public and create a market place for Cameroonian films .

Ripped Online Branding. this section help to manage celebrities online portfolio and increases their image presence online for a more wider exposure and boost up their activities to reach out to festivals and other global events and market.

Ripped Records. Is for music production ,sound treatment for films, signing of artists ,manage and develop talents for  professional standard.

The Ripped Jean Nation uses the commonality of urban street cultural settings that are familiar and attractive to young people to guide, support and transform their interests into vocational and educational purpose


Sharing is caring!

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