Must know-What Makes Music a Hit?

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Today the music industry is ultra competitive. Especially the AFRICAN music industry.

Musical tastes change, new tastes and musical equipments supersede the old. Promoters are always looking for the hottest new sound. Turning that sound into a hit is a challenge which is not easy. A lot of people dream of becoming recording stars. What they do not know is the amount of work and effort required.

What is involved

1. Be a songwriter: As a song writer you should aim to write lyrics that touch people’s emotions, that tallies with their hopes, dreams, and deepest feelings. Songwriters try to create melodies with a hook, you know, a catchy musical phrase that grabs the listener’s attention and stays in the mind.
As a songwriter you should be familiar with making a pilot recording, or demo, of the song. If the recording company executives think that the song is marketable, you may just land yourself a recording contract. Or they may buy your song for an established artist to perform.

In the Studio. To oversee the recording, record companies usually hire an experienced producer.
The producer will now approve the song. He may hire and supervise the recording studio, copyists, vocalists, recording engineers, arrangers, and other equipment needed to produce a professional product which is good for the market.
Some recordings are done step-by-step often beginning with the guitar, bass, drums, including keyboards. Followed later by lead vocals, instrumental solos, and any special sound effects are added and mixed together to produce a potential hit. Sales. The only way to sell their products, is through marketing. To promote it a video has to be produced for the song, known as music videos. These short three to five minute videos may provide some excitement and give artists media exposure. The videos alone generate significant income when marketed well. Artists consistently sell more of their albums in areas where they perform live. They often promote a brand new album by going on tour and concerts, some artists create a personal Web site for promoting their works. Their Web site may contain photos, videos, a personal blog, and news of upcoming performances and concerts, links to fan zones and clubs and to online music store.

A question for you. Who determines if a song will be a hit?.
The music industry is changing fast due to the internet and inexpensive recording tools like software and hardware. Some musicians are able to record quality music at home and distribute it to a global audience. As a result many artists are leaving record companies.

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