Rise Up For Afreeka

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  RISE UP FOR AFREEKA also known as  RUFA  was conceptualized by its founder to promote the African urban unity and appreciation for the continent  It is intended to showcase the positive and beneficial aspects  of  African cultural heritage outside what is portrayed in most international media as a continent bedeviled with famine, deadly diseases, natural disasters, political instabilities, economic profligacy and dependence. In spite of the foregoing negativity, Africans have a very rich heritage and culture that could be articulated and propagated to the outside world.

Rise Up For Afreeka is committed to publicizing the positive image of Africa to the world through publications, films, media and social interaction in order to change the mind-set of young Africans.  Our aim is to create a mindset that instills and uplifts a heightened sense of pride & purpose in young Africans to ignite a New African Generation.

Rising Up For Afreeka  is a platform that will empower young Africans to say:

“I am African I understand what it means to be African and above all I am proud to be African!”

How do you reach the young, eager minds
So ready and able but, yet undefined
To show them the way to become who they are
To fulfil all their dreams and to reach for the stars
To learn of their CULTURE and Black history
The knowledge of ages passed through you and me
To establish a place for the teaching of PRIDE
When they grow to be adults and take wings and fly

Through arts and crafts, singing and dance
The parents have toiled to give them a chance
To encourage the spirit of who they can be
They sacrifice all to set them FREE

Educating our children is the key to the world
To unlock all the talent we see shinning bright
To encourage the LOVE shown from all boys and girls
Should gladden our hearts, what a glorious sight



Sharing is caring!

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