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The Ripped Jeans Nation can be considered the engagement phase of the urban continuum of care. We provide workshops and activities that incorporate creative use of art, music, dance, theater, multi-media, writing, life skills development and technology and design in a highly visible, youth-friendly venue. we also deliver vocational and educational workshops and bridging programs to further education. The Ripped Jeans Nation movement has as its primary aim the re-connection with the community and cultivation of social inclusion of young people. Its strength lies in its capacity to engage and motivate disadvantaged young people and its ability to provide them with the material and social support needed to actualise ideas and ambitions.

In the bid to scale up our youth engagement activities, we created a new programmed  for young people from ages 18-35years. The essence of this initiative is to groom youths that are creatively inclined and entry-level staff of Creative Based Organizations on concepts that will help them convert their talent to a lucrative enterprise or make them perform optimally in the work place.

Workshops such as; Bringing Your Ideas to Life, Making the Right Impression, Digital Content that Sells, Secrets Behind Your Voice, Music Management, The selling power of a concept these and more are some of the workshops we will run monthly. The facilitators of these workshops are veterans in the creative industry and creative entrepreneurs.

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Sharing is caring!

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