The Diverse World of Male Modeling Meet Warren Shu

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When most people think of male models they automatically think of male supermodels Tyson Beckford, David Gandy, Marcus Schenkenberg, Gabriel Aubry, and Sean O’Pry. However, there are many other types of models whose names you wouldn’t know but who are earning a terrific income working as commercial, fitness, fit and parts models with commercial clients, manufacturers, suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, airlines, automobile manufacturers, fitness companies and much more. Even if you can’t be the next supermodel you’ll probably fit into one of these categories of male models.

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The modelling business in Cameroon is a very blurry industry where a lot of young male and female love to take it up as a career but much is not actually coming out in turns of earning a living with such a career ,  not will standing there are still some male models who have strive to maintain the balance for couple of years around the Cameroon modelling industry , some of these male models have all what it takes to pop out on global  run way , and even get sign by big fashion brands and companies

The saddest side of the modelling scenario in Cameroon they  are so many  modelling agencies that group young girls as female escorts to be sharing them with some political big shots around the city , some of the female have take the bull by the horn to the  extreme of nudity that many proclaim it is out of the Cameroon modelling context , never the less modelling is also a business and every male or female need to showcase to raise attention in what ever way the find it necessary .

Warren shu , a 22 year old and a final year student in the university of Buea is a professional model who started his career some years ago. A native from the northwest region of Cameroon precisely from Bafut, Warren shu is the ideal sample of a bilingual citizen as. a resident in Buea , he has taken part in many professional runways such as cocowals, , bueafashion week etc.
Apart from being a student and a professional model, , has equally been part of the university of buea handball team since 2014 where he has won 2 gold medals at different editions of university games.


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