YouTube For Musicians: 10 Fundamentals Of A Creative Strategy

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YouTube for Musicians

If it isn’t yet, YouTube really needs to be part of your creative and outreach strategy as an artist. Ensure that you are uploading content on a regular basis, but don’t just slap a bunch of videos up on your YouTube channel at once and hope that people will come and watch. I recently learned 10 important fundamentals, directly from YouTube themselves, and I want to share them with you here.

1. Share-ability

Will viewers share your video? Is it relatable? Perhaps it’s topical – include an element that everyone is talking about already.



2. Conversation

Include an element of speaking directly to the audience.

3. Interactivity

YouTube is a chat platform as well, so make sure you’re commenting and responding to your audience. Read comments and create videos based on your audience feedback. Include calls to action and questions, wither within the video or in the information section.

4. Consistency

Have a schedule for posting content.If there isn’t regular content people won’t want to subscribe. Stay consistent with your style and your “voice”. Align your videos with your branding.

5. Targeting

As a musician you should always be aware of who your audience is. Target your entire branding towards that, including your videos. Keep your videos relatable to your target audience.

6. Sustainability

If the audience loves it, can you make more of it? How often?

7. Discoverability

Will it get found? It’s a good idea for some musicians to post cover videos of songs that are currently trending. Think of what people are searching for all the time.

8. Accessibility

Can every video be appreciated by a brand new viewer? Sell “it” in the first SECOND. You have a short window of opportunity to get them to stay.

9. Collaboration

Eg. Make a song with another artist who has a lot of subscribers and post a video of it.

10. Inspiration

Does this come from a place of genuine interest?

Now head over YouTube’s Creator Academy for some serious inspiration.

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